(from March 2019 to February 2020)

Best Picture - Talk by Romuald Boulanger

Best Short Film - At the End of the World by Fon Davis

Best Feature Film - Up The 5 by Gabriel Adams

Best Feature Documentary - Another Child by Leanna Borsellino and James Headrick

Best Short Documentary - Pi Amuri o Pi Raggia by Fabrizio Raggi

Best Super Short Film - The Chart by Kimberley Hellem

Immagina Audience Award - Cheat by Yeo Joon Han and Boris Kalaidjiev

Best Actress - Hermina Fátyol for Love Me Not by Lili Fenyvesi

Best Actor - William Baldwin for Talk by Boulanger Romuald

Best Director Feature Film - Home Away by Oliver Yan

Best Director Short Film - Constant Treason by Ruvin Orbach

Best Director Super Short Film - The Machine by Leon Williams

Best First Time Director - Breech by Rebecca Lafon
Best Student Film - Fishbowl by Xueni Yang

Best Web/Tv Series -  Whisper Naked Shadow by Nora K

Best Music Video - Synecdoche Montauk - Wherever You Are by Oleg Trofim

Best Original Song - Fuel by Ayesha Pontin

Best Animation - Anacronte by Raúl Koler and Emiliano Sette

Best Drama - Leaving to live by Rodrigues David

Best Comedy - Untitled by Clément de Dadelsen

Best Thriller - The Man Who Sold The World by George Rodriguez and Laura Barbato

Best Horror - Dance of the Porcelain Demons by Cat Watson

Best Action - Operation Shell Shock by Allan Riggs

Best Sci-Fi - Memory Man by Christopher Armstrong

Best LGBT - Tyler by Joel Junior

Best Fantasy - The Accompanist by Frederick Keev

Best Experimental - Disconnections by Alberto Martín-Aragón

Best Inspirational Film - The Rainmaker by André Havéus

Best Original Score - Giulio De Gaetano per Deep Shock by Davide Melini

Best Cinematography - Baqar Sharashenidze for The Enemies by Giorgi Gachava

Best Editing - Richard Szotyori for Bang! by Richard Szotyori

Best Original Screenplay - Shannon Jarrell-Ivey for Ruth by Shannon Jarrell-Ivey

Best Original Story - Nina Madzirov for Glass by Nina Madzirov

Best Production Design - Medeea Enciu for Between Pain And Amen by Toma Enache

Best Costume Design - Angela Carbonaro for Interview With Marilyn by Agatino Zurría

Best Makeup and Hairstyling - Nadja Scalzi for Alder by Vanda Ladeira

Best Sound Design - Jyoti Prakash Mahana for Tejaswini by Kunal Pattanaik

Best VFX - Miguel Ángel Sánchez Arévalo, Darío G Reina, Alejandro Carretón for Explorers by Borja Escribano

Best Feature Script - In Love With Einstein by Linda Shayne

Best Short Script - Il nuovo che avanza by Diego Trovarelli


Honorable Mention: Feature Film - Immortal Hero by Hiroshi Akabane

Honorable Mention: Short Film - Someone's On the Other Line by William Macaulay

Honorable Mention: Feature Documentary - Isolated In Stromboli by Luca Noris

Honorable Mention: Short Documentary - Louie (KR.ONE) Gasparro 5pointz by Eirini Alligiannis

Honorable Mention: Super Short Film - Sincerely Yours by Ali Memarchi

Honorable Mention: Actor - Chadd Chang for A Missing Piece by Grace Chang

Honorable Mention: Actress - Raphaëlle Agogué for Leaving to live by David Rodrigues

Honorable Mention: Director Feature Film - Elam by Vinod Krishna

Honorable Mention: Director Short Film - Fashion Alibi by Burt Raynal

Honorable Mention: Director Super Short Film - The Ungrateful Son: A Grimm Tale by Nicholas Anderson

Honorable Mention: Student Film - The Forgotten Rose by Carla Di Ilio

Honorable Mention: First Time Director - The Divisible by Marcus T. Thomas

Honorable Mention: Music Video - Silence to Silence by Daniele Gangemi 

Honorable Mention: Web/Tv Series - Any Creative Form by Daniel Fazio

Honorable Mention: Animation - Yuukai-Anna by Kaichi Sato

Honorable Mention: Experimental - Since Yesterday by Alexander Bradley

Honorable Mention: LGBT - 1470 by Miaoning Hua

Honorable Mention: Inspirational Film - Follow me by Dieter Michael Grohmann

Honorable Mention: Drama - Sonntag by Mariano Cabaco

Honorable Mention: Comedy - The Painting by Sergey Kalvarskiy and Stanislav Romanovsky

Honorable Mention: Thriller - Can Someone Hear Me? by Oskar Sjöberg

Honorable Mention: Horror - Rudi by Lillo Venezia

Honorable Mention: Action - Mirror Image by Linda Shayne

Honorable Mention: Sci-Fi - A Week With Rebecca by Marcus Shenn

Honorable Mention: Fantasy - Alder by Vanda Ladeira

Honorable Mention: Original Screenplay - Mark Templin and Julian Bate-Vergette for Sand and Stone

Honorable Mention: Original Story - Detlev F. Neufert for B.B. and The School by The River

Honorable Mention: Original Song - Nothing In The World by Slicc Lee and JAG 

Honorable Mention: Original Score - Ashwin Ramachandran for I Resign by Jay Mohan

Honorable Mention: Cinematography - Daniel van Blerk for It's a Bittersweet Life by André Havéus

Honorable Mention: Editing - Kshitij Sharma for Savoy: Saga Of An Icon by Kshitij Sharma

Honorable Mention: Production Design - Draft by Olga Alikberova

Honorable Mention: Costume Design - Sara Pampaloni for Due destini Travolti dalla Rivoluzion

Honorable Mention: Makeup and Hairstyling - Armine Khurshudyan for Inside the Notebook by Alejandra Hou

Honorable Mention: Sound Design - Homayoon Mobaraki for Unborn souls by Homayoon Mobaraki 

Honorable Mention: VFX - João Morais Inácio for Mysteria and the Village Spell by João Morais Inácio

Honorable Mention: Feature Script - Lajjawati by Sumathy Ram, Charles Leopardo

Honorable Mention: Short Script - The Squirrels in the Attic by Rachel S. Thomas-Medwid