INTERVIEW WITH Dequan Rose - Actor


Dequan Rose was born in the Bronx NY, moved to he Poconos, Pa when he was 9 years old and lived there to he graduated high school. He went to slippery rock university and took parts in plays every semester. He got degree for criminal justice and a minor in theatre. He now reside in Baltimore, MD as a correction officer while he also pursue my career in acting.

 Tell us about your background and when did you decide to become an actor?

I decided I wanted to become an actor after auditioning for a film that my history teacher was directing in high school. I had my kfc uniform on because I had work right after and I remember everything just feeling natural anytime I was given a direction to follow. I got the role, and I would go around my house trying to portray the character. Prior to that my acting skills were mostly limited to short films we made when I was younger, and me imitating movie scenes. I just felt comfortable enough that I knew this was something I would want to make a living doing.

Films that inspired you to become an actor?

Films that inspired me to be an actor: This is a tough one cause I’m a movie geek, but growing up I watched movies that were prob not for my age like The Godfather, Scarface, menace to society lol. The Godfather definitely had an impact on me, watching Al Pacino portraying Michel Corleone and going from the war hero that wants nothing to do with the family business to eventually running  the business was fascinating and I’ve probably watch it more times to remember. To me it was inspiring because he had such a twisted character arc, which is something I can compare to Bryan Cranston on “Breaking Bad” and as an audience you believed it, that’s acting at is finest.

Who is your biggest influence? 

I would have to say one of my biggest influences is Al Pacino, the studio did not think he was the best choice to play Micheal Corleone in the “The Godfather” but ultimately his subtleness help get him the role and it is one of his most famous/best role, he didn’t let the negativity stop him from reaching his goal, even though most people were against him. Sometimes it just takes the right person to see your potential.

What were some of the challenges you had to face in making your films? 

Some of the challenges I had as a film actor is learning to be smaller and more Intimate while I am performing .

Coming from a theatre background I was use to performing for  an audience. In film you don’t have to be as expressive, it comes across  phoney. I also had to get use to little to no rehearsal time. In the theatre world rehearsal is major, you get to test new things out and  get real familiar with your scenes and acting partners. When it came to film acting I was normally meeting my cast mates the day of and having to build some type of relationship that would show realistic in the final production.

Do you have a favorite genre to work in? Why is it your favorite?

My favorite genre to work in is drama, I like acting in intense scenes where I’m emotional drained by the time we are done. It gives me the confidence to know that the audience will be impacted by my characters decisions and that the point of acting.

What’s your all-time favorite movie and why?

My all time favorite movie is prob the “The Dark Knight” I loved all the little quirks and details that was put into Heath ledgers joker, plus I do a mean joker impression, I’m also big fan of good music scores and the music in that movie gets me invested and you really feel the emotion.


 If you could work with anyone in the world, who would that person be?

My all time favorite person to work with would be Quentin Tarantino, his dialogue on his movies seems like it would be a lot of fun to work with, and not to mention how he always has some big gory finish to most his movies, just seems like it would be a lot of fun to be apart of is cast and crew, and I feel like I would learn a lot because of his love for movies.

Tell us something most people don't know about you.

Something that most people don’t know bout me is that I was actually pretty shy and only opened up more when I went to college, some people now think I’m cocky lol

The one person who has truly believed in you throughout your career.

I have to group this together, but my dad and my mom have always been supportive for my acting career way before I knew I had any skills, my mom signed me up for YMCA acting classes, my dad constantly gives me motivational talks and advice on how he thinks I can succeed more. His favorite saying for anything I do is “Nothing but Greatness!” 

What was the most important lesson you had to learn as actor?

The most important thing I learned as an actor is whatever choice you want to pick for your character, to be fully committed to it because your insecurities will show on film and unless that’s what you want for your character it won’t transition good for the audience. 

Is it harder to get started or to keep going? What was the particular thing that you had to conquer to do either?

I think it is harder to get started. Honestly it is overwhelming as an actor when you look at the prices of headshots, trying to figure out how to find auditions, getting a video reel, feeling like everyone is so much steps ahead of you and just not knowing if your actually good or not to even try, it’s a lot. For me once I got my headshots things starting to start rolling a little more. Once I started to get more roles I put together a video reel, and that has been a major part of how I have booked some of my roles.

What keeps you motivated?

The thing that keeps me motivated, is that I know this is what I want to do and no matter what job or career I get it’s never goin to be as fulfilling as making a living in doing what 

I love to do. I just feel like if I don’t try, I’ll be stuck in a limbo. 


How has your style evolved?

The way my style has evolved is that I have loosened up a bit on how I rehearse on delivering lines and because of that I feel like my performances are a lot more natural since I’m not so focused on saying things in a specific way, that may not match my scene partners delivery. 

On set, the most important thing is:

On set the most important thing I have learned is to trust the director and crew and knowing that at the end of the day every one just wants a good quality finished project.

The project(s) you’re most proud of: 

The project that I am most proud about is a play called “Streamers” that I did in slippery rock university. It was my first big play and it was a role that allowed me to flex my acting muscles and see if I was any good. I ended up getting nominated for Irene Ryan award. 

The most challenging project you worked on. And why?

The most challenging project I worked on was “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson” it was my first musical, so there was lot of new things I had to learn during the rehearsal process. Learning the different songs and dance moves while also trying to establish my character, was a bit of a challenge but the end result turned out good.  

we had a really nice run.

What are your short term and long term career goals?

My short term goal in acting, is to get some representation so that I can get some more opportunities that I may not have access to myself.

My long term goal is to be able to pay my bills by doing what I live doin acting. I also would eventually like to get into directing and producing, and just helping coming up with new projects to put out.

Your next projects?

Future project I have right now is a feature film by Lovestar entertainment called “The Stoop” and I’m always auditioning and looking for other projects so I’m sure I’ll have more coming up soon!

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